The GOAT Coalition Reaffirms Importance of Prosecuting Trump in Fulton County

The GOAT Coalition Reaffirms Importance of Prosecuting Trump in Fulton County

Coalition of progressive leaders say Trump and allies must be held accountable for their attempts to overturn the legitimate election of President Joe Biden

Atlanta, GA – A coalition of progressive leaders and organizations, announced their support for DA Fani Willis’ prosecution of Donald Trump and his co-conspirators in Fulton County. They stressed that Trump and his allies tried to disenfranchise Georgia voters and that Willis and her team must finish the work of holding them accountable.

Despite the outrageous words that come out of the mouths of Donald Trump, Michael Roman, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and other co-conspirators, DA Willis and her team are doing an excellent job ensuring justice in prosecuting this case. This is partly evidenced by the guilty pleas obtained from Sidney Powell, Jenna Ellis, and Kenneth Chesebro. Nothing should overshadow the fact that the DA and her team are successfully prosecuting a criminal conspiracy and protecting the freedom of Americans to pick their own leaders. 

Below is a selection of quotes from members of The GOAT Coalition and elected leaders across Georgia. While they represent a wide variety of organizations and causes, they are united in the belief that DA Willis must be allowed to continue her prosecution of Donald Trump and his co-conspirators for their alleged crimes against the people of Georgia without delay:

Kendra Cotton, CEO, New Georgia Project Action Fund 

“These attacks on Fani Willis’s character and integrity in her legitimate and critical case against Donald Trump are giving DISTRACTION. Her personal life has nothing to do with her ability to take on the former President—a criminal and a liar who has been indicted four times and faces 91 felony charges. While she should have disclosed her relationship, that still would not have saved her from the attacks of a bitter megalomaniac who knows he’s done wrong. The focus on salacious details that are no one’s business over the very real threat to our democracy that Donald Trump poses reeks of stale, tired, and uncreative racist and sexist tropes that Black women, specifically, and women, generally, in this country have endured for centuries. I want to be clear: the GOP frontrunner is a man accused—and found guilty—of sexual assault more times than I can count. His nonconsensual attacks on countless women should alarm and outrage all of us. The double standard is completely undeniable. Who Fani Willis has or has not slept with does not keep me up at night. You know what does? An authoritarian narcissist running for President. Fani Willis is doing her job of prosecuting Donald Trump for his crimes in Georgia, and we should all be thanking her for that.”  

LaTosha Brown, CoFounder, Black Voters Matter

“We know this is a baseless attack on DA Fani Willis. These claims present no conflict of interest in the election interference case against Trump and his operatives.”, said LaTosha Brown, co-founder of Black Voters Matter.  This is just another attack on DA Willis, a Black woman, for her role in bringing Donald Trump to justice for attempting to disenfranchise thousands of GA voters. Georgia voters are more sophisticated than this, we recognize that this is nothing more than a distraction in the fight to protect democracy.”

Kimberlyn Carter, Executive Director, Represent Georgia Action Network

“This cohort of miscreants endorsed by former president Donald J. Trump, Sr.**  are determined to insult and to deny Georgians of their expressed power through their votes.  Georgia voters chose President Joe Biden; Fulton County voters chose District Attorney Fani Willis.  The integrity of our elections and/or our elected officials aren’t on trial, the election interference of Trump and 18 indictees is. This red herring cannot and must not distract us from our search for justice in this matter.  DA Willis must continue her leadership in the work she has been entrusted to do. The work is critical to the defense and protection of our fragile democracy.”


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